Criminal activity around the world raises serious questions about integrated security and protection of residence. Residential Security is an important element in protecting the client’s interests whether he is in the residence or not. Therefore, in order to ensure an adequate level of security is required a serious approach to the implementation of protective measures. We always take into account client’s preferences and can offer either a visual or discreet residential security. Being there for any period of time you need our Residential Security services.

Residential Security implies the combination of highly trained security specialists and the use of modern techniques designed to protect you and your property from other people, including:

  • Organization of the checkpoint required to prevent unauthorized access by third parties to the territory of the yard, parking lot, etc.
  • Patrolling the territory adjacent to the living room, as well as the direct object of protection (home, cottage, etc.)
  • Use of advanced video surveillance and alarm systems for the rapid resolution of emergency situations;
  • The organization of fire-fighting and anti-terrorism operations;
  • Preventive security measures and other measures necessary for maximising the security of area, car parking, accommodation and those living there.

Comprehensive protection of premises, including security guard of an apartment house or cottage, allows us guarantee the safety of all people living in them.

Why Residential Security Is The Best Solution For You?

Residential Security has a very important protective role for home or large professional premises. We even can offer hotel security while you are on your business trip or just on vacation.The responsibilities of the Residential Security Operative are various, here are just some examples: CCTV monitoring, access or visitor’s control and mail screening.Our Residential Security specialists can work with your present security system or suggest the best means of protection that have proven to be effective in our work.You can rely on our Residential Security services every hour of the day for any security associated matter.

All our clients receive a professional approach to the protection of their private property.